5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: hehe.. My conclusion is the oppsite. B/W make the miserable

Yes those pictures are beautiful, but my point is that they do not in my view reflect the reality of that place as I have seen it.

IMO photography is more than an art, it should tell a story that is rooted in reality. Photographic techniques that enhance the story are good, but there is a line beyond which you are changing the story. Different people draw that line in different places. In my view that B&W gallery crosses the line.


harbin88 wrote:

senes more beautiful and golorier than than looks. Think about if
he used f22 instead of small apeture. Then a whole set of
undesiables backgrounds will get in the pictures.

I admire his technics! His 20D, 300D pictures are also amazing. On
technical terms it seems we can use more of small f stops.

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