Canon 360. What I wish for...

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You misunderstand.

1.5 fps

I want variable fps, like on the Nikon... 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 fps.
That can't be that hard to do. At least 1-3 fps..

But I'll settle for time lapse...

"progressive burst" to save only the 10? last images of a series.

gee...what woudl be the use of that?? I want to capture the moment
when I press the shutter, not 10 seconds later or the birds will be
at a mile away already.

You misunderstand. On the Z3 point and shoot this is available.

The camera takes 1000 shots of the cow and writes them to the buffer, and then when it finally does take a dump, you let go of the shutter and only the last ten frames, with the action will be saved.

This is good if you are shooting a 100 meter relay race, where you get everything from start to finish but never fill the buffer.

With the 20D you only get about 5 seconds worth of jpegs.. while the Z3 can capture several minutes and give you the shots of the guy who suddenly falls down... or the one who crosses the finishing line.

This feature is available at 2.2 fps or 10 fps on the Z3 point and shoot
along with normal cont. burst.

Iso 50 or built in ND filter, 1/8000th shutter, bigger buffer

1/8000s would be nice but I never needed to pass 1/4000s so far
with ISO 100.

You have never tried to shoot waterskiers at 1.8 on a sunny day to blur the background. A built in ND filter would do the trick too...

Less girly grip and more battery power.

I like the girly grip..but then again I am a girly.

Most of us aren't... and we are discriminated against by having to buy a too expensive battery grip.

if you can afford a 7k lens you can afford a 1d II.

The 1D is full frame... unfortunately... and heavy.


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