Canon 360. What I wish for...

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Double CF cards is a good idea for pro cams. (nt)

gasdive wrote:

I've got a wish list as well...

8MP is enough. Leave it at that. OK, maybe 12...

Water tight!!!! To 50 m would be nice. (that means dust tight as
well)One of the great things about a digital is that you should
never need to open it to change film, so it should be as easy to
seal up as a digital watch which is always watertight to 50m these
days, even the cheap ones.

To go with the water tight, water tight lenses. Also a cradle that
will recharge the camera without having to open it up and wifi
connections so that you can download the photos at 54mb/s, also
without opening it up. The wifi need only go a few inches, enough
to get from inside the camera to the cradle, so it wouldn't draw
much power. Given the size of CF cards now, and the fact that it
will have the space of several, there should be no need to shoot
"tethered" even by a wifi connection.

Multiple CF slots with selectable RAID 0 or 5. Idealy 4-8 slots
with RAID 5. That would mean that you could take thousands of
images (enough for a 2 week trip say) and they'd all be reasonably
safe. The raid should also have a faster write speed so the buffer
would clear 3-7 times faster. The 350 is of course a big
improvement over the 300 in this area already.

A bit bigger, the 350 is uncomfortable compared with the 300 for my
hands anyway.

Bigger battery and lower power consumption.

Run the cradle off USB as well, and have it recharge the camera.

Split prisim focussing screen would be nice too.

I guess that makes a camera that you can take anywhere for a long
time and then bring the images home safe.

Cheers Jason =:)

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