Canon 360. What I wish for...

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NB-2LH is twice the power in same package. (nt)

Daniella wrote:

ScottyNV wrote:

ok, I've got a whole wish list... been wondering who would post
this kind of thread first...

1- use the BP511 battery.. so that all the non-pro dslr's (canon)
use the same battery...
2- 'shooting priority'.. like the 300D, when setting ISO etc, half
press of shutter sets the function..
3- ISO 25-3200.. CLEAN and USEABLE.. i need low light availability!
4- built in intervalometer - timelapse 1 sec-24hrs...
5- larger review screen.. say 2.25" on the diagonal.. 230000 pixels?
6- some kind of on camera sensor cleaning method... eliminate the
pec pads!
7- RGB histogram... the market is getting more sophisticated.. this
would be helpful!
8- 3 stop exposure bracketing.. would help sometimes!
9- still only 8mP, 3 FPS... this is an 'entry level' body, remember!
10- brighter viewfinder... full coverage too!
11- change the ISO and WB on the LCD, not in menu shortcut
12- I WANT THE DARN THING TO BE EVEN SMALLER!! - not much, say 10mm
narrower and 5mm shorter (height)

13 - a matched set of EF-S prime lenses.. brand N has DX zooms,
but not primes... time for brand C to really hammer them... all
at f/1.8... 10,17,24,35,50,85,135... + 1.4x TC to match them

this is not a complete wish list, but it is representative and I

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