5D images from India - the best yet

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My Thoughts

I'm always interested in images of India so I've had a good look though all his galleries and they are very good.

They mostly seem to be shot with the 24-70L and 135L.

I'm going to go our on a limb here and say they COULD have been shot with a 20D, 16-35L and 24-70L. Hell they COULD have been shot with a D30 and those lenses for internet display.

However the critical 24mm and 50mm focal lengths would then be in two different lenses. Full frame gives 90% of what I need in the 24-70mm range. Not to mention the availability of even wider focal lengths at F2.8 and wider. Then there is the matter of the fast primes that operate at "rated focal length". That is why full frame is so attractive to me and IMO other travel photoraphers.

As an aside, the particular gallery posted in this thread does not appeal to me because it is not IMO an accurate representation of the India I know. The use of B&W in the entire gallery to me creates a dark, grim mood, when the subjects are not all dark and grim. The India I know is light and colourful. Yes it has its dark sides, but even then there is laughter and joy to be found. Of course this is just my viewpoint and I am in no position to double guess the photographer's intention.


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