5D images from India - the best yet

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This is what I am talking about.

The guy went out and shot a TON with one of his lenses. His 135mm 2.0L, a very prominent style of seeing and recording.

What I was trying to say to those who say that there is nothing that can't be done with DX that can be done with full frame. We'll here it is.

All of the images have that wonderful change of shape of the out of focus details as you go out further out from the center. You lose that when you have to back up and crop it. It is especially pronounced with the 85 1.2L and 135 2.0 on full frame.

Because he is closer to his subjects, the effect is in full glory.

THIS is what the 24mm 1.4L, 35mm 1.4L, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.2L and 135mm 2.0L are all designed for. Full frame.

This is simply impossible on anything else but full frame. 1.3 crop sort of, 1.5 and 1.6 crop, nope, full frame? BINGO!

So is it worth it to spend that extra $1,400 over a D200 or that $1,900 extra over a 20D. It sure as heck is if you want to fully exploit any of the $5,000 in fine glass above. Because with any one of them in the right hands, you can build an entire style of shooting just with one or two exceptional lenses.

I, for one, plan to take off for a month in the Spring to either South East Asia, Iceland or Ecuador with my 5D and three primes. My 24 1.4L, 50 2.5 Macro and my freaking unreal 85 1.2L and a thin extension tube.
What else could I possibly need..:-)

And to the measurebaters: Don't even bother with all your numbers, because that is not what photography is all about. It is about images and they are right there in front of your face.

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Disclaimer, these are only my opinions and are based my findings and should not be
construed as gospel or legally binding..:-)

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