Third Party Right Angle Finder - China Seagull

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Re: The Canon one is made in China anyway

Hi - I purchased the Seagull right angle finder a few months ago. It is not really of good construction and the clickstops when the finder is rotated every 90 degrees stopped working after a short time. This was caused by a sprung metal unit coming adrift as the plastic it was screwed into was not strong enough to hold it aganst the spring and had fractured, causing little bits of plastic and a small self tapping screw to rattle around inside.

The unit has to be refocussed every time you change magnification so you end up using just the best one for the particular situation.

The unit comes with adaptors for different cameras. It apparently fits Nikon and Canon and I tried it on my old Pentex ME Super - the problem is it just doesn't fit any of them very well. When I used the adaptors that gave best fit on my Canon 20D it was very loose and felt very insecure.

The finder is bright enough, Unfortunately I purchased it to help my manual focus and it doesn't help very much, although perhaps if I used a different focussing screen...

I would say it is ok as a viewfinder as long as you don't use it in the field where it might get knocked as I feel it could possibly damage the camera.

It cost me $109 - I would say it is worth half of that at most. I had a similar unit made by Olympus all metal and worked fine but didn't fit my Canon 20D properly. The quality of the Olympus unit was streets ahead.

I suggest If you can get one locally give it a try as long as you can return it if you think it's unsuitable. If you purchase from Ebay or similar you may well be wasting your money. I wish I had waited and tried a Canon one in my local supplier.

Hope this is usefull


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