Canon 360. What I wish for...

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1.5fps??? not me no sir. I want at least 3fps.

couldn,t care less for spot meter either.

what I want is a very precise and effective AF system like in the 1d II currently.

Ove Sentlig wrote:

Spot metering, pixel mapping, bracketing options,

1.5 fps, Iso 300, large viewfinder, Anti Shake, sensor cleaning

Pixel clusters to "digitally zoom" and increase sensitivity further

Time lapse, 2 sec. timer, alarm clock, Iso 3200

Dials for Iso and user modes. Indoors/Outdoors etc.

Decent auto white balance which works with tungsten too,
brighter bigger LCD, voice recorder

Iso in viewfinder, FD mount adapter, +-3 exposure stop adjustment

RGB tweaks, more buttons and dials, top LCD,

10 Flashlight LEDs, AF assist light.

"progressive burst" to save only the 10? last images of a series.

gee...what woudl be the use of that?? I want to capture the moment when I press the shutter, not 10 seconds later or the birds will be at a mile away already.

Iso 50 or built in ND filter, 1/8000th shutter, bigger buffer

1/8000s would be nice but I never needed to pass 1/4000s so far with ISO 100.

Less girly grip and more battery power.

I like the girly grip..but then again I am a girly.

5D noise levelsand noise mask feature.

1.4x Teleconverter with Nikon/Minolta interface.

no thanks..they don't even have any good telephoto lenses except those at 7000$.

if you can afford a 7k lens you can afford a 1d II.

Capability to shoot without CF, where the buffer is
unloaded when the CF is inserted.

and a better kit lens..

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