5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: 5D images from India - the best yet

oh, well...

i hope people commenting on this thread were not too lazy to actually look at all of Mr. Rodrigo's galleries posted at pbase. if you did, you would notice that his output is MUCH more than the story about poverty. In his galleries there are stories about innocence, dignity, joy... as presented by these three examples:


... post-processed or not, it's besides the point here.

there are many different levels to discuss about things and realities we live in. this is the place where we discus photography, the artistic merits, techniques, yes, impact that it has on our lives... and if you are TRULY DRAWN to the photography in its essence, as a tool to capture the story, the feelings behind, to inform the world about something we don't know, or remind about things we have forgotten about..., then you will completely forget that the camera you shot images with is worth $3k.

And when I made a comment how much richer his 5D shots were, how much they stand out... I had all of the impact that his story telling has made on me, in my mind. Not even for a second that camera is worth $3k.

so let's not make hypocritical statements here (even if one poster admits his was). if you have a problem that your photographic equipment costs so much, in the face of realities we live in (or the mediocre images you record with such an expensive equipment) ... then sell it and give it to the poor. But in the case of Mr Rodrigo, his camera dollar value is completely irrelevant to the output he produces.

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