5D images from India - the best yet

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Re: Not to rain on the parade, but...

Terry L wrote:

I feel very uncomfortable looking at these pictures. I don't want
to be either churish or prudish but I don't find poverty-as-art
appealing. The idea of pointing an incredibly expensive camera/lens
at people suffering such miserable poverty is a bit

Perhaps he asked permission and offered payment. I certainly hope
so. Although I'm not sure that an offer of payment might not be an
added insult.

I am happy enough with the concept of photographer as voyeur,
provided it is between consenting adults of equal
status/power/wealth etc.

I know, I know ... I should sell all my photographic gear and give
the proceeds to the poor. I'm a hypocrite. I admit it. But these
pics are something that I could not bring myself to do. I am
embarrassed to look at them.

get over yourself. It's not art, it's photojournalism / documentation of the world in which we live. It's a good thing that the images inspire you to contribute and give, but the story needs to be told in order for that to happen.

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