Fighting shaking and blur

Started Nov 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
webatl Forum Member • Posts: 83
Have to laugh a little.

I always thought I was pretty steady but found the same to be true with my 20D.

I've got the Manfrotto 3245 monopod and added a quick release head. It makes a big difference and not the hassle of setting up the tripod for regular walk around kind of shooting.

But go quick release. I leave the QR plate on the camera all the time which shortens the set up. (an by the way my tripod uses the same QR plate so that helps setup).

I also find that in combination with something to lean up against helps.

One other suggestion that I ran into from someone on this forum was to rest my left hand on my right shoulder and place the camera on the bend in at my left elbow.

It surprising how much of a difference this made. The next step up is to do the same with your hand on your shoulder and the camera on the monopod inside your bent arm. This is about as stable as it can get before deploying the ol' tripod.

Won't be good enough for those long low light kind of things.

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