Canon 360. What I wish for...

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Re: Canon 360. What I wish for...

Spot metering

this is the one thing I really wish the 300D had.

bracketing options,

I wish I could configure it so I press the shutter once and the camera took 3 pictures. And it would be nice if it remembered the bracketing options when I switch the camera off.

Anti Shake

CCD Imagae stabilsation would be nice

sensor cleaning

It's not that hard to do - get a sensor swipe and give it a try.

Time lapse, 2 sec.

why did they choose just 10 seconds. If you've got you camera on a 'pod and don't want the vibration having to wait 10 seconds is a real drag.

and a little notch on the under side that my 'pod plate clips in to (next to the screw thread).

and an IR sensor on the back for the remote

and I'm sure there is more


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