Canon 360. What I wish for...

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but but but....

Glennzo wrote:

Iso 3200

Iso 3200...I wonder if 20d users
ever go that high anyways...i imagine noise would be a pretty
strong deterent

Noise is not that bad. I used it 20 times on my 300D.
The 350D has the same Iso 3200 capability as the 20D today,
by boosting the levels of an underexposed Iso 1600 image.
So you can see what it would look like.

1/8000th shutter, bigger buffer

Bigger buffers are always good. 1/8000th is overkill. You can
stop formula one tires with 1/4000th

Have you tried using a 85 mm 1.8 on for a shallow DoF on a sunny day?
You hit the 1/4000 mark too soon.

Sure. I could put a neutral density filter in front of the lens... but
it would only help if the cam could do it too.

and a better kit lens..

Uh, dont buy the kit lens? Kit lenses are built to be as
inexpensive as possible

Not the Nikon and Konica Minolta ones. Those are pretty darn good.

The kit lens is ideal for selling the cam...
Few beginners just want to buy a house.


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