We all know who WAS full of beans! 1D

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I have a plan

Mike Kelley wrote:

However, I think it's perfectly legitimate AND NECESSARY to
complain about things in the specs that are clearly wrongheaded.
Here's my reasoning: if there is even the slightest chance Canon
monitors these forums, such complaining in advance can only do
good. If there is even a remote possibility some Canon rep reads
all the bitching about the pricing perhaps they will reconsider.

I also believe that speaking up about issues is our only hope, mind you it could be a very slim hope..

OTOH, voting with our money is what will count in the long run. So, here’s my plan.

1. I’m not investing in any additional Canon glass or accessories – was seriously considering the new 70-200 IS but will wait. Have toyed with the idea of picking up a second D30 if the price was right, but that’s also now on hold. And I’m not interested in the 1D..

2. No first-in-line for me on any Canon (or Nikon) new product. I will have to be able to use/test the product for a couple of weeks, in my environment, before even considering a purchase.

I’m going to keep my options open. With their switch back to CCD technology, Canon would now be lagging behind Nikon in experience on the ground, where it counts. Nikon would appear to be one full development cycle ahead of Canon at this point. I know it’s early days, however, the early 1D samples are just awful. We D30 CMOS users have never been impressed with CCD images. If you think back to this same point in time with the early sample D30 images, image quality didn’t improve by orders of magnitude by production release of the camera. That doesn’t bode well for the 1D. And we are starting to see tell-tale signs that Canon wants to play silly games, like offering 45 point AF only in their “pro” 1D (at exorbitant prices) or at least delaying their D30H/X model to force 1D sales.

So, I’m positioning, and preparing, myself to switch camera vendors. If a new Nikon product gives me what I’m looking for, I will switch; Canon doesn’t own me simply because of my current investment in Canon products. That investment is now largely written down in value.

And while I’m on the subject, if Canon is interested, and I don’t particularly care if they are or aren’t,, give me a D30V with:

.45 point AF (full function, identical to EOS-3/1V performance)

.If a full frame sensor can’t be accomplished (too costly or just not currently feasible for any reason) a multiplier somewhere between 1.6 and 1.0 (1.3 will do) with correspondingly more pixels (keep pixel size the same as the D30)
.3fps is just fine but increase the buffer size

.Don’t need to take the D30 into the bath with me so the “non-pro” body is just fine
.Fix the software, speed up RAW capture

.Keep USB or switch to Firewire, don’t care – I use a Firewire card reader.

.AND keep the price at about what the original D30 cost – $3,000 – given the D30V would be a follow on product, based largely on the previous D30 R&D efforts, we would expect that to be achievable

For that matter, anyone from Nikon reading this??


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