Fun wedding photography

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Fun wedding photography

Warning, several images.

Yes, you have the formals, you have the candids, you have the family combos, you try to get some astistic shots, but another group of wedding shots are the "fun" ones. I wouldn't call them poses, but like to use the term "set-ups." We try to grab these shots between the ceremony and the reception. Some couples are more cooperative about this than others.

These were shot RAW with DS, kit lens and 16-45, AF360. RAW does give you a lot of chance to make exposure and color balance corrections after the event. By the way, when you mention "shooting a wedding in RAW" you get a lot of strange looks and comments from non-digital photgraphers. They think you might be talking about shooting in "the" raw.

Award-winning images? No. Fun images? Yes, for the couple, and for the photographers. And these beat out the amateurs because they haven't thought of them. By the way, I openly ask the amateurs NOT to stand over my shoulder and steal these set-ups. When we are shooting the family combos and formals, okay, that's is generally fair game, everyone expects that, but these are our set-ups. And, wedding photography does not all have to be perfect. Some should be fun! These aren't finals, we have some skin tone work to do yet. As always, comments welcome.
"Wow! What a pretty girl!" (This is always a good one.)

"My feet hurt." (Sometimes the furniture lends itself to photography.)

"Ooh, she is sweet." (Sometimes available light shots are best, if the light is sufficient.)

"Who is this guy?" (But more often than not you have to use flash.)

"Should I marry him?" (Actually, they were just married, but fun anyway.)

"What are they doing?" asks the flower girl. "This is fun," thinks the groom. (We will straighten the final.)

"I like red," said the bride.

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