Canon 360. What I wish for...

Started Oct 31, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 360. What I wish for...

alarm clock, Iso 3200

Alarm Clock? It's a camera... Iso 3200...I wonder if 20d users ever go that high anyways...i imagine noise would be a pretty strong deterent

brighter bigger LCD, voice recorder

brighter bigger LCD = less battery life (one of the things you dislike)
Voice recorder? it's a camera...

1/8000th shutter, bigger buffer

Bigger buffers are always good. 1/8000th is overkill. You can stop formula one tires with 1/4000th

and a better kit lens..

Uh, dont buy the kit lens? Kit lenses are built to be as inexpensive as possible

All your problems (except for the ones that dont make sense) can be solved today, with no tech a nice lens and a battery grip and a microtape recorder

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