Canon 360. What I wish for...

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Re: most just software based... here is my 3 y prediction

Ove Sentlig wrote:

Not likely within 3 years.

Anti Shake - Minolta won't give away this golden calf.... but
Minolta may offer 8 Mpixels with as low noise.

Sensor cleaning, also patented... I donät know how they'd get
around that.

It is easy to get around patents... just figure out a different way to accomplish the same thing. Often it doesn't need to be that much different. Or just license the technology. Everything has its price.

It is pretty rare when somebody either has one patent that is so fundamental that there is no workaround, or a bunch of related patents that taken together lock up an entire fields.

Of the few examples I can think of where patents effectively locked up a entire industry, in the long run the patents hurt the patent owners rather than helped. It is far too easy to sit on a good patent and forget to keep innovating. Your competitors will not forget.

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