Canon 360. What I wish for...

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most just software based... here is my 3 y prediction

Realistic... something I expect within 3 years.

Spot metering, pixel mapping, bracketing options,
1.5 fps, Iso 300, large viewfinder
Time lapse, 2 sec. timer, Iso 3200
Dials for Iso and user modes. Indoors/Outdoors etc.
Decent auto white balance which works with tungsten too
brighter bigger LCD
Iso in viewfinder, +-3 exposure stop adjustment
"progressive burst" to save only the 10? last images of a series.
Less girly grip and more battery power.

and a better kit lens..

Not likely within 3 years.

Anti Shake - Minolta won't give away this golden calf.... but Minolta may offer 8 Mpixels with as low noise.

Sensor cleaning, also patented... I donät know how they'd get around that.

Iso 50 or built in ND filter, 1/8000th shutter, bigger buffer
5D noise levels and noise mask feature.

and the rest of the goodies...

Pixel clusters to increase sensitivity further
alarm clock,

, voice recorder

, FD mount adapter,

RGB tweaks, more buttons and dials, top LCD,

10 Flashlight LEDs, AF assist light.

1.4x Teleconverter with Nikon/Minolta interface.

Capability to shoot without CF, where the buffer is
unloaded when the CF is inserted.

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