We all know who WAS full of beans! 1D

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We all know who WAS full of beans! 1D

As for all the hype and rumors and total crud WE all heard about the new pro SLR....and posted....with the exemption of my humorous post.......we now know who was full of baked beans!

Now we see the specs of this new 1D, It looks a whole lot different from all the specs and gossip that was posted on this site.

Now, I post the question....after it has come to be......WHERE DID EVERYONE GET ALL THEIR WRONG INFORMATION FROM?????????

Please tell me!!!!! I just have to know!!

Are these so called Canon reps so full of crap that they would lie to you about their company's new product??

Are the camera reseller's who supplied you with this bunk pulling your leg all along??

Were these "photojournalists" who were working with the new top secret camera....which WAS what Canon WAS coming out with .....made up stories???

And all these reports of several types of cameras....with specs like 6MP full 35mm.....10IPS, bla bla this and that....Ahhhh????

Oh and let's not forget all the stories about the actual release date.....which came and went again....and again.....and again..........

Gosh! Tell me tell me tell me!! Pleeeeeease!


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Good Day! John Greco

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