Questions for Bob Colette on Kodak 6850

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Re: Questions for Bob Colette on Kodak 6850

I think the Kodak 6850 printer would make an excellent event printer. To be honest, I don't know what the most popular event print sizes are. You would be better off asking that of other event photographers (I'm an engineer).

The 6850 print quality is virtually identical to that of the 6800. We spent a lot of time trying to ensure that the 6850 would make prints that were indistinguishable from the 6800, particularly since some of the 6800's in the PictureMaker kiosks are expected to be replaced with 6850s. Since there is a possibility of a print order being split between a 6800 & 6850, they need to look alike.

I wish I had hard numbers on light and dark keeping, unfortunately I don't. All I know is that our testing shows that the image permanance is very similar to our current, conventional photographic paper. I have thermal prints that I made of my family years ago that are on hanging on walls and they don't exhibit any noticeable fade or color shifts. The technology is more advanced today then it was 5 or 6 years ago when these prints were made. While I can't give you a hard number, I honestly feel that it's not really an issue.

To my knowledge, Kodak has no plans to develp a Mac driver for the printer. Tri-Prism has software (TEPS-X) that can be used for event photography, and which supports the Kodak 6800/6850. It is somewhat pricey though.

The second coating machine in Windsor, CO is up and running. I believe that the third machine (in Rochester) is scheduled for sometime next year and (as far as I know) is still on schedule. I don't think you'll have any problems obtaining media for the printer. Between the second coating machine, increased efficiencies, and the third machine coming online next year, there shouldn't be any shortage of media this year (or in the future).

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