Tamron or Nikon Glass Help!

Started Oct 28, 2005 | Discussions thread
David Lal Veteran Member • Posts: 9,754
Not the Nikkor 28-80!

When I got my D70 in March 2004 they were in short supply and I could not get the body with what everyone now calls the 'kit lens' - instead it came with the Nikkor 28-80. I'm afraid I found it so awful I never use it. As to the Nikkor 70-300 I have no personal experience but I believe it/they not to be Earth-shatteringly wonderful.

My favourite lenses are Sigma 105 macro and Nikkor 18-35. You can look up optical performance figures of a large number of lenses here:

http://www.photozone.de/active/survey/querylenstxt.jsp?filter=%22brand= 'Nikkor'%20OR%20brand='Sigma%20AF'%20OR%20brand='Tamron%20AF'%20or%20brand='Tokina%20AF'%20or%20brand='Vivitar%20AF'%22

Tamron glass is generally pretty good.


Todd Smigelski wrote:

In process of buying a D70 that comes with Tamron glass,
for $70 more i could swap out to nikon lenses. Both were 28-80 mm
and 70-300 mm. Can't remember the aperture limits, but they are
standard and identical between the two lens packages.

Can anyone offer any insight or experience ?

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