Low end Sigma DG 500 Flash now has PTTL, so why Super?

Started Oct 27, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Low end Sigma DG 500 Flash now has PTTL, so why Super?

Cut and Paste of an old reply of mine to an earlier posting...

The SUPER is a great flash gun - and quite a bit cheaper than the Pentax ones. Does P-TTL, highspeed sync, rear curtain sync, tilt (inc 7 degrees down), swivel, manual output at 64 levels, auto zoom head, wireless, contrast control etc etc.

I love mine

Be careful, as the Sigma EF500 DG SUPER is the one to get, the much cheaper Sigma EF500 DG ST does not support some of the better features: high speed sync (a must for out door fill flash IMHO at it will sync at ant shutter speed the DS has even 1/4000 sec while the ST only goes to 1/180), the ST only has a few manual power output options...go to the sigma site and look them up, and you'll see that they dont list many features for the ST but loads for the Super...

Whether or not these features are important to you is antoher thing!

Hope this helps


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