What's the use of the DA12-24?

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Re: What's the use of the DA12-24?

parallaxproblem wrote:

Sometimes it's fun to start banging a hornets' nest with a stick...

I normally prefer 'wide' over 'tele' but on reflection I just can't
imagine what to do with an 18mm 'equivalent' focal length (ie. the
12mm end of this lens)...

At this moment in time I can't really see the point of the 12-24mm
zoom... as a zoom it appears to me to be fairly redundant because:
1. It doesn't reach up to 'standard lens' range so it will only
ever be fitted as a 'wide' option and not left on the camera for
'normal' usage - in which case much of the 'convenience' of having
a zoom is lost, so why not simply have a lighter and faster prime
lens instead?
2. Everything from 16mm and above is already covered by other zoom
lenses in Pentax's range, which do reach 'standard lens' ranges
and so can remain on the camera in normal usage. So the 12-24 zoom
will only really be fitted when you want to go from 12 to 16mm (or
18mm, depending)

So... if you want wider than your 18-55 or 16-45 (or 18-125 etc...)
then why not just carry the smaller, faster DA14 or Zenitar
instead? OK, neither reach 12mm, but apart from very large
mountains, or indoors in very confined spaces what does one take
pictures of at 12mm?

Seems like a lens targeted at Estate Agents (it's probably very
good for making small rooms look large)...

Flame me!


I think the extra 2mm at the wide end is substantial and helps make those extreme perspective shots all the more interesting. I have the DA14 and so I doubt I will go for the DA12-24, but as I said the extra 2mm can make a difference in some instances.

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