13 wedding photos from the E-500 & FL-50 Flash

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ExCibular Regular Member • Posts: 316
Re: Thank you very much for all the effort

Offcourse I get a focus with the flash raised. Using my fl-36 as AF assist I also get a focus.

But without the help of the flash I am not able to get a focus (not even with the 14-54).

If I use my E300, without the FL-36, I avoid using the AF illuminator as the pre flashes often ruin a perfect picture moment. (people looking away because they think you already made the picture, some people looking into the camera who should not etc.)

An on camera AF assist is a nice feature!

Zoltan2 wrote:
Interesting. Is that true even with the flash raised to strobe the
scene to assist the af?

ExCibular wrote:

However in a pitch dark room, (lights off, monitor on) I cannot get
a focus either (except on the monitor).

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