I've got some bad news ----- [24]

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I've got some bad news ----- [24]

The call came in the morning. It was my brother. "I've got bad news," he said.

Whenever one hears those words, some bracing is in order. Someone was in a car accident. Job loss. Compound fractures. Asian bird flu. "What is it?"

"It's your camera -- it's got the gee-blod"

It took a moment for the words to sink in. My brother spoke with some gravity, the way one might inform a family member of an impending medical procedure or the onset of an illness.

Gee-blod. As if someone named Blod had said something of casual insight to a friend, who was about to express that, well, they'd never thought of it like that. Or, a holy war on D70s. All I could do was repeat the sounds. "Gee-blod."

"Yeah, the green blinking light of death -- your D70 has got it."

I'd lent my brother my camera. He went on to explain how the details of how the thing had stopped working while out during a shoot. It was working one moment, and then, there was only the blinking of that small, cyclopean eye.

I have to admit -- I was a little relieved. I was expecting ebola virus, only to find out that only my camera was inoperable. That's not so bad. The camera has lived a pretty full life.

I bought my D70 in March of 2004 along with the 17-55DX, with both pieces of equipment being among the first of their models to ship in the States.

Over the last year and a half, the camera has performed 50,000 shutter actuations. It's survived surf, sand, and cities, from the dusty goat paths of the Cinque Terre to NYC pavement. From wedding parties to studio shoots, candid snaps to macro obsession, the camera always got the job done. Until it got the GBLOD.

Patch it up, Nikon. Take your time. But don't take too long, there are more images to be made.


























Is your cam 'BLODed? Share 'em if you got 'em.

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