13 wedding photos from the E-500 & FL-50 Flash

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Re: I'm confused about your setup

grandp wrote:

Oh, I see, used the FL50 by itself. Well that does change things. Your previous statement (quoted below) led me to believe that the E-500 was setup for multiple flash, which of course cannot work in the TTL metering mode. But really you were focusing on the focus issue (bad pun).

I use off camera flash also. I had three off camera flashes set up
and trigger them with pocket wizards so i placed one of the pocket
wizards on the E-500 in place of the flash to set off the off
camera lights and the E-500 could not focus at all it was useless
as a camera in low light and the area was lit up with two outdoor
flood lights.

Using center weighted metering could cause some inconsistancies with flash exposures in this case due to the white/dark outfits. I'm not sure if it accounts for everything, but I notice that when a large area of white is near the center, for the most part those are the worst exporsures.

It would be interesting to experiement with similar conditions using the different metering modes. My money would be on multisegment (ESP I think Olympus calls it) to yield the best results.
-Gene L.

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