13 wedding photos from the E-500 & FL-50 Flash

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Re: WB and Exposure Problems

Did you feel that these problems were unpredictable oralways present in certain situations ?

no i used manual WB and the auto and sunny and cloudy and they all worked outside each giving a different look.

Cloudy worked best for most of the photos in the shaded areas and sunny works great also in the bright sunlight much better then auto.

Auto tends to have a blue cast to it.

Did you constantly have to set manual white balance, even outdoors ?
no sunny worked good

Do you think an expodisk or alike would have helped (obviously too slow for weddings) ?

I have one a expodisk and i did not use it i WB on the water many times or shot in cloudy in the shade.

If you constantly had to override the camera outdoors, was it made difficult by problems seeing the viewfinder display ?

If you are shooting landscapw with a tripot the E-500 is great as you can frane up your shop and then set a manuel exposured by turning the dial and can see the metter on the back lcd with out looking into the viewfinder.

When using the viewfinder it is not easy to set manuel exposuer the dial moves faster then the numbers will move so you over shoot the right amount and have to move the dial very slow to get it right and can miss a photo trying to get it set right if something is going on.

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