13 wedding photos from the E-500 & FL-50 Flash

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Re: What was the flash mode

Grandp, I apologize, I didn't mean to sound like I was calling you out. I didn't say you were doing something wrong, I was wondering about the performance of the camera.

The environment I shot in was a park at night, where the bride and groom went after the wedding to hang out with friends before going on their honeymoon. I used the E-300 with the Sunpak 355(purely manual as the 355 does not do ttl) and got some good results.

I unfortunatly do not have the photos, I gave them to the bride and groom(very close friends of mine). My bewilderment came from the fact that you had more and better equipment and the fact that you're more experienced, which should have given you a big advantage yet it wasn't so.

My friend has a 20D which I may just be able to talk him into letting me borrow it as a backup camera for the upcoming wedding. I would like to see whether there is that much difference between my camera and the 20D.

Sorry to hear that the problems have persisted, good luck with your future endeavors.

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