13 wedding photos from the E-500 & FL-50 Flash

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Re: What was the flash mode

Grandp - not recommending you to try another wedding but maybe a few more try's at home at your leisure using Auto and not ttl Auto.

I to think as dgrogers mentions that ttl Auto gets a bit confused rather easily when direct flash at something white.

My results this weekend were really strange. Just pointing down no more than four inches changed the exposure from very dark to spot on. This odd behavior happened as soon as I zoomed in to 18 mm. Shots at 14 mm were fine no matter where I pointed. The auto were good at any focus spot and any zoom.

The manual mode may be what I go to more in the future. Need to try fp manual outdoors. I did a family shot outdoors Friday night and using EB's settings for fill flash didn't work too good. It was rather overcast though and the group wasn't back to the sun, I just wanted some light to fill in the shadows since I don't have a reflecter to use on 14 folks at a time!

Sorry for your continued problems,


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