Which lens on your Camera 90% times

Started Aug 3, 2005 | Discussions thread
severoon Senior Member • Posts: 1,976
My Lens Usage Breakdown

10-22: 20%
17-85: 35%
75-300 (soon to be 70-300!): 32.5%
75-300 w/2x teleconverter: 2.5%
50 f/1.8: 10%

The lens I choose usually has more to do with the restrictions on my motion and what I can get close to than anything else. If I feel like running all over the place between shots, then I tend to go wider. If I feel like standing in one place, then I tend to go longer. For panoramic stitches, again I tend to go longer.

This is because with the wide lens, I'm always looking for something to place as a strong foreground element. But I have to be able to get close to a fg element with a wide lens. Every shot requires that I move around to get different fg things. Long lenses are more accomodating to when your motion is restricted.

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