Using a completely manual lens with the *istDS?

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Like this

I seem to remember you might have M series lenses, so you have to be in manual mode, but first you have to change custom settings (which can remain this way even if you go back to auto-focus) as follows:

Press "MENU" button
Press right arrow to "C Custom Setting"
Press down arrow a few times to "Using aperture ring"
Press left arrow to enable option selections
Press down arrow from "1 Prohibited" to "2 Permitted"
Press "OK" button twice

You're ready to go.

You will focus with a wide open aperture, no matter what setting you have set on the ring on the lens. After focus, press the "AE-L" button. This will step down your aperture and read take a meter reading. Re-adjust your aperture or shutter speed and snap away.

It's a lot easier than it sounds.


(And I must thank the original poster of these instructions which I copied and pasted into a larger document when I first started)

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