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I constantly change lenses, in the field. I bought a D-SLR camera so I could change lenses for the shot. That said, I do try to do it to mimimise Dust. I turn my camera off, hold the camera face down. Take my rear cap off lens to go on camera, take the lens off camera and switch quickly.

if anythign is goign to get dust, I would prefer it be the rear element of my lens.

I have swapped out lenses on widny days, in fields, next to gravel roads. Ot date, I have tow small specs of dust wich are only noticable on blue sky portion of my image.

Will send in for cleaning just before warranty runs out.

NOw, all that said, even if you get a prosumer, fixed lens digital camera, dust is a proglem. How do you think that lens zooms in and out? That thing is not a perfect vaccum, it takes air "in" and lets air "out".
Dave Patterson

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