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Thomas Karlmann
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Unfortunately, my clients do...

Sure it may not make any difference to us, but the most frequently-asked question I get when doing a Wedding is "How many MP is that camera?"

It's just a fact. That along with a gorgeous file I DL'd taken with a 5D...

People don't know what else to ask because they are uninformed. I cannot take the time to explain anything to them, I'm way too busy with the Wedding.

The 5D is there.

shooter2 wrote:

I don't understand this DOA junk if it is "only" 10 mp. I think
many wedding, event and portrait , not to mention advanced
hobbyists that are not hung up on "my p*cker is bigger than yours"
syndrome will welcome and embrace this resolution. Who cares how
many mp the latest greatest Canons will have? Not me. More dynamic
range and I might be interested. Will they have accurate focus and
ittl? Will they be intuitive to use? Or will they just be more mp.
And how many mp do you really need. How big do you regularly print?
16x20s should be no problem, as long as the file is properly
exposed and in focus. I have done 16x20s from my 6mp cameras and
they look pretty good. There is always a smart a** at bridal shows
spouting off about how digital is not as good as film. I then ask
them to tell me out of the dozen or so 16 x20s on display, which
were done with the Mamiya 6x7 or 645 and which were done with the
6mp Nikons. Their guesses are usually way off. And I have enough
CDs/DVDs and external hard drives already. My .02.

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