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Re: Use P mode

Dan wrote:

Did you know that portrait mode probably just uses the lowest
f-stop number and sports uses the highest?

It's not that complicated.

Some other settings are changed also. Sports mode puts it into continuous shooting mode for example.

Indoors (usually dark):

ISO 1600 or 3200 and use P mode. If there's enough light, use ISO
800 and watch your shutter speed.

Another option - lift flash

If you're
after a background blur effect, then use F2.8 or whatever your
largest aperture is.

Be careful. With that narrow depth of field, you can have a couple people, and not only will your background be blurry, you may only have 1 person in focus. And the focal length will change your depth of field even more.

In my opinion, manual mode is only
good for flash photography.

Manual mode should work good for everything, but if you're using the built-in flash, you're limited to 1/120th sec shutter speed with AS on, and 1/160th with AS off. An external flash with HSS will allow higher shutter speeds with flash.

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