Flash thoughts - USB question

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Flash thoughts - USB question


My Daughter has had a 7Hi for several years now. Eight months ago,
the cover on her flash fell off - exposing the flash tube and wiring.
The cover was originally attached to the rest of the flash housing
by two plastic posts - they were snapped off near where they
entered two hollow plastic posts in the base of the flash housing.
I applied glue to the broken ends and clamped the halves together
with several clothes pins. All has been OK since.

I'm pretty careful closing the flash on my A2 - I lower it by hand.
Recently I bumped the top of it by accident and it snapped shut
with quite a bang. Nothing bad happened - but it made me wonder
if other people who routinely let the flash snap shut have had any
problems with the cover separating from the base. I'm not sure how
my daughter closes hers - I didn't think to ask at the time.

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My OS is Windows XP Home and my PC is USB 1.0 compatible. The
last several times I had the PC and camera connected, I was not
able to stop the camera in the usual way - using the "Remove
Hardware" routine. All appeared normal, but when I tried, I got
a message that the device could not be shut down - try again
latter. The drive was not active when I initiated the shut down
and the passage of several minutes made no difference. So I just
powered down the camera and unplugged the USB cable. There
was nothing abnormal about initiating the connection. This behavior
has repeated in about thirty percent of the shut downs since it
first happened.

Has any one had this happen with their A2?


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