Best photo organizer?

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Re: Best photo organizer?

Just to be nontraditional in here - I have switched to Adobe Bridge after using iMatch and then ACDSee, which is part of the Photoshop CS2 suite. It offers full IPTC support - or rather, full XMP support, but since that's what Photoshop uses it works well for me.

The reason I switched was the complete end-to-end workflow it makes possible. I shoot Raw and Bridge allows me to tag everthing with my metadata using XMP, which is stored alongside the Raw files (since Adobe treats them as being unmodifiable, which I agree with). When I convert to JPEG, TIFF, or PSD, or simply open a raw directly into Photoshop, the metadata is carried forward automatically and is stored directly within the resulting image file. I know of no other way to handle metadata so cleanly in a raw workflow.

To this mix, I have added PixVue. It operates as a set of shell extensions that makes Windows aware of Raw formats (e.g. allows generation of thumbnails) and it has full XMP support so that XMP can be viewed or edited directly from within Windows.

I haven't implemented it yet - but I've given serious thought to adding the MSN Desktop Search toolbar, since it has an optional iFilter addon for XMP that would make all of my metadata directly searchable from within the MSN desktop search.

Of course, this all works only if you are willing to shell out for Photoshop, since PSE does do this stuff. But on the off chance that you're considering PS CS2, give Bridge a try since it's free with CS2 and it has a lot of very nice features.

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