Need new PSD & can't deicde which one?

Started Oct 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
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nicola Senior Member • Posts: 1,769
Need new PSD & can't deicde which one?

I am debating between the Epson P-2000, the Archos AV500 or just a plain PD70X.

Overall I would go for either the P2000 or the AV500 for the ability to play also MP3 and Videos.

So, far, IMO, the P200 wins for the bigger screen, built-in CF card reader, ability to display RAW files, which apparently are the features that would win over the AV500.

However, the AV500 is much more slick, a bit smaller and easier to carry on the field.

Finally, there is the PD70X, which seems to be the most reliable among all the PSDs I have come across and is also perhaps the fastest for files transfer and has also better and more conveniente battery performance.
What you do ?
Pros & Cons out of your opinion?

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