First impression going from A2 to 5D

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First impression going from A2 to 5D

I have an A2 since last 10 months and loved it. Recently bought a 5D and wanted to share some of my first impressions even though this has been discussed by others in the past.

Firstly, I came from the film age and cannot say how much I like having to view from an optical viewfinder. Going to A2 take me a little bit of adjusting but coming back was most welcome.

I personally like shallow DOF in my shots to emphasize the subject and always had to work hard with A2 to reduce DOF. No more with 5D.

I have a 2 yr. daughter and I enjoy taking a lot of her pictures indoor. I hated my A2 for all the false auto white balancing it gives. Every time I had to do a custom white balance I made my daughter conscious and could never take her candid. 5D so far has been perfect in auto white balance and has been a pleasant feeling knowing that I will get it right the first time.

Again, indoor always required flash with A2 but with the high iso sensitivity of 5D, I can take crisp shots even with ambient light. I feel this itself is worth an upgrade. I compared the noise and I feel iso 1600 in 5D is about the same as iso 200 in A2. This is my visual test and others may feel different.

Now the negatives of going from A2 to 5D

I was so used to the A2’s super fine EVF for reviewing my shots and 5D lacks in this department. The 2.5 inch LCD is good but cannot even come close to A2’s EVF for reviewing. So good preview with optical VF, but poor review without A2’s EVF.

5D is small compared to my Maxxum 7 film but A2 has spoiled me with it light weight. Now my back can no longer take the weight of an SLR but I guess I will have to get used to it again.

Zoom from 28 to 105 was sufficient during my film days and I felt the kit lens should be sufficient. I am starting to get a feeling that I may have to invest more of my hard earned money in a wider range lens. Its all A2’s fault.

Last week I got a good opportunity to capture some macro shots and pulled out my new 5D + kit lens to test out its macro capability. I was disappointed and finally had to pull out my A2 to capture the shots. Cannot beat A2 in its versatility.

Overall, I feel both are excellent cameras. I knew I will not be getting 5D to replace my A2 and last few days have confirmed it. I was not able to justify a 5D before I got it but using it I doesn’t give me any second thought. If you can afford it I would go for it. Wonder what others feel


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