Testing the F10 at the Aquarium (10 pictures)

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Re: Testing the F10 at the Aquarium (10 pictures)


Wanted to re-read this and you gave some good advice.

Re: Returning cameras- most cameras that were returned were for a variety of reasons. Photographer error could certainly be among them, but in some cases it was other things such as listed below:

Serial number recall by Sony.

Bad lcd with lines running through it. Even the store was stunned and found more like it in their stock. Maybe a bad pallet??? At that time it seemed to happen with a lot of that model camera. Still own the one I exchanged for the defective one.

Poor low light focus or serious handshake conditions. Yes- possibly fixable with some adjustments or tripod--but in those situations this was cited by many users and reviewers as an issue as well. Often I have bought a camera prior to the official review and I have loved some cameras that others did not, i.e. the A1--now my A2.

Purple finging issues. Tried for myself and found it unacceptable in that camera. Others love that camera. Still noted for its fringing.
The EVF would not operate. Defective.
The zoom operated only sporatically.

I didn't chose those setting on those photos. They were selected by the camera. But, it took you time to invest in going to my site, getting the exif--and making constructive suggestions.

For that I am very appreciative and hope that you will continue to offer help.

Some cameras are more challenging and for me this was one of them. Or perhaps, I expected too much too soon.


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