Fuji F10 underexpose on Night mode!

Started Oct 11, 2005 | Discussions thread
Russ Yost Senior Member • Posts: 1,534
Re: Fuji F10 underexpose on Night mode!

I tried the night mode in a poorly lit place in a dark room. It used 3 sec and ISO 200. The exposure was a little dark, but 3 sec is the max shutter time in nite mode unless you select Night Mode Long Exposure (see page 47, 48 on how to do this). Another option in Night Mode is to set the ISO to other than auto (which chooses 200 or lower), say, 1600. Then the auto exposure program may be able to work and use a shutter speed under 3 seconds. In Night Mode Long Exposure, you can set the shutter time yourself from 3 to 15 seconds; I doubt if the auto exp program would work in the dark. Fixed ISO's can be chosen, but not Auto ISO.

Depending on what you're trying to photograph at night, the SP Natural mode may be better, in which auto ISO is "forced" and can go up to 1600; the camera tries to minimize shutter time to minimize blur from hand shake. Give it a try! I just tried it and the max shutter time was 1/4 sec, the AE! warning icon told me the auto exp program couldn't work, and the result was badly underexposed. The limit in SP Natural mode is the 1/4 second max shutter time.

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