Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???

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Re: Adapter ring + Polarizer + Teleconverter ???


Thanks for posting the three photos comparing with and without polarizer with the tele converter. Sorry to say that the iamges with the polarizer are shocking, much more blurred than without the polarizer. You indicate that these are cropped images. I wonder what percent of the original image is shown. If this is only a small percentage of the original, then use of the polarizer between the lenses would be ok.

Based on the photos, I think it would be worthwhile to remove the polarizer. An interesting test would be to compare four situaitons.

1. Cropped image with no teleconverter.
2. Cropped image with polarizer.
2. Image with tele converter.
3. Image with tele converter plus polarizer.

I am very pleased with the sharpness of my G6, making up to 16x24 inch prints. Anything that reduces sharpness would not make me happy.

I will buy the tele converter and try. Since I am going on cruises through French Polynesia this year and Greek Islands next year, I want to be prepared.

Thanks for your help.

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