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David Coffin added the 5D to the color matrix in dcraw.c v7.48 on August 5th (before it started shipping). He's changed some of his demosaic algorithms since then in newer versions beginning with 7.60

It does not have a GUI front end (command line only). So, you need to run it with parameters.

For example, this is the command line you'd probably want to start out with:

dcraw -w pict0001.mrw pict0002.mrw pict0003.mrw

The -w switch tells it to use the camera's white balance settings, and you can enter 1 or more files needing conversion on the command line). It converts to .ppm format by default (readable by many image editors), but there are other options including 16 bit .psd.

You can see avaiilable optionis by typing dcraw with no other parameters.

Again, there is no GUI interface, image previews, or "sliders" to make corrections (but David's algorithms are pretty good). It's stricly command line with no "frills".

It's not designed to replace your editor for sharpening, cropping, contrast enhancement, etc. You'll need to perform these steps with something else, and David keeps image processing to a minimum.

If any Windows users need a compiled version and can't find one elsewhere, just send me an e-mail and I'll be glad to send you the latest version already compiled for Windows.

There are a lot of other programs that use David's source code (or portions of it) to do raw file conversions. So, I'd expect the 5D to show up in more raw converters soon (if they haven't already in some of them using David's source as a model).

David has links to a lot of the programs that use his source code (or portions of it), so you may want to check them to see if some of them now support the 5D (I haven't gone through the list yet to see).


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