Looking for exif testers!

Started Sep 20, 2001 | Discussions thread
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Looking for exif testers!

Hi Casio owners!

I have developed an advanced Exif viewer/extractor with some unique features which to my knowledge are not seen before. I have worked on it for some months and it is now ready for out-of-the-house testing.

Although I intend to make it compatible with most popular camera brands it will so far only work with Casio's digicams - because my own camera is QV3000! That is why I am looking for testers in this particular forum.

Since this is not an advertisement I don't want to point out all its excellences (!) but I have included a screen shot just to let you know how one of its screens look like.

So what do I need from you? First of all, help me hunt down errors! I have of course tested it thoroughly, but you will most likely (read: surely) find some bugs nonetheless

Secondly, I want your opinion on the user interface. Is it ok or do you have some suggestions to make it better or more intuitive?

Thirdly, do you miss a particular feature? That does not mean that I am necessarily going to implement it (I must save something for version 2!) but I am open for suggestions.

Are you interested in helping me? I can't offer you money but you will of course get a free copy when it is ready. That includes all upgrades from now to eternity!

Note: I have tested it with QV2800, QV3000 and QV4000. QV4000 uses a different exif format so for this camera my program works only partially. QV3500 probably uses the same format as QV3000 but I have not had the opportunity to test it.

Thanks in advance,

Screen shot:

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