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... more options

"gecarl" wrote:

... the only options I seem to have are:
1. Buy PS Elements 4.0
2. Wait for RSE to update to handle 5D
3. Buy Dimage Master.

There are two or three more options:

4. Buy Photoshop Elements 3.0 (should be cheap after the latest release of version 4.0) and then download Adobe Camera Raw 3.2
5. Buy Photoshop CS2 (expensive) plus Adobe Camera Raw 3.2
6. Buy Dalibor's Photoshop plug-in MRWFormat for $20 US.

Option 6, however, has a (temporary, hopefully) problem: the current version 2.40 still does not support the Dynax 5D. The new version 2.50 is in beta testing stage, and it should get released within the next few weeks or maybe days. It's a Photoshop plug-in that works with the current and many older versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Buyers of version 2.40 will get the pending update free (actually all future updates are free for buyers), and you may ask Dalibor for a copy of the version 2.50 beta.

See: http://www.dalibor.cz/minolta/plugin.htm

Olaf Ulrich, Germany

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