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Re: Editor, Upgrade?

I have no idea on pricing of updates and or any possible editor license only upgrades.
One place that is up on everything about color is chromix.com

I do know that I would wait for the next update to editor before seriously consider if it is worthwhile or not.

At this point it can hack a profile that is far off but the normal high quality profiles from the large charts should need little if any tweaking. The next update may be useful for grey balance and saturation if the increments are less.

The updates for the SG also include the newer i1 which is twice as fast, teflon feet, ambient light and other things. So it's not just a software upgrade but more of a hardware and accessory upgrade.

If it were just for the editor and the price were high definately consider Doctor PRo , or Kodak Color Flow.

I doubt that it would be very though as the full license for Profile Editor is not excessively high for a full fledged pro tool.

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