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New 5D owner opinion

Firstly, thanks for everyone who has contributed to this forum over the last few weeks. Much of the information was a great help in deciding to go for the 5D with 18-70 kit lens. My last camera was a Minolta 505si Super film slr.

I have just spend 10 days on holiday getting to know it and thought I would share my experience. Most of my photos are taken in sunny holiday destinations. This was a big purchase for me and I hope it will re-ignite my interest in photography.

Good Points

1. This isn't just a digital 505si, it is much better built and has better functions - which I use (auto bracketing, exposure scale indication in manual mode, flash compensation).
2. Nice to hold, good size.

3. Love the function button - was concerned about the absense of a spot metering buton, but this is no problem. I actually wouldn't mind if all the controls were menu driven, certainly ISO and drive mode buttons could go.

4. Love the Ability to alter the Apeture/Shutter in P and Auto modes, whilst retaining the same exposure, and the ease of adjusting exposure up and down.

5. The screen is large and the low resolution is fine. if you choose to display a histogram on playback, it will then also display a histogram "instant playback" which is very useful to quickly check exposure etc. Screen brightness is fine in sunlight etc.

6. I got about 250 pictures per battery - very little flash and not much focusing in and out - however, I have to play back every shot, check with and without histogram, compare back and forth, zoom in etc.
7. Cheap Ebay battery (£5 - powermart) just as good as minolta.

8. Thread is 55mm which matches my old Minolta 28-80, so existing filters can be used!!!
9. Slow flash sync gives excellent results.

10. Anti-shake - got one or two quite amazing shots - really does look 2 or 3 stops faster. Doesn't always give these results though.
11. Very impressed with noise at iso 800.

12. 18-70 lens sharp enough for me.

13. Colour rendition very good.

14. Lens cap can be put on/removed with lens hood in place.

Bad points

1. Not always instantly obvious that you've forgotten to change a setting back. There are a lot of symbols in the display panel. Hopefully this wont be a problem once I stop constantly playing around with stuff.

2. Took 500 shots on Natural+. This has increased contrast, which isn't really what you need taking shots of white churches in Autumn sunshine! Didn't work this one out until I got home.

3. What does auto white balance do? It certainly doesn't recognise indoor lighting and make any adjustment.

4. Viewfinder presents an image smaller than a 35mm SLR. This is not ideal, but soon get used to it.

5. Continuous shooting only gives you 3 or 4 shots. I guess the memory is small. I don't think fast cards would help at 9Mb for a RAW image.

6. More distortion at widest angle than conventional 28mm? I haven't tested this but that is my impression.

Summary - I love it.

Flat view
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