D.I.Y. instructions$2 light sphere -ish thing

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Re: Awww...come one....that cost more than $2

gordophoto wrote:
Hi E1derful

My first design was just using the taller container on it's own, it
worked well but I thought looked a bit goofy , so that's why I
looked for (and found) the smaller dome.

Instead of welding the pieces together, maybe you could try some
kind of glue?


E1derful wrote:

The hardest part of your project was the soldering.

I can see how a soldering iron allows you to melt plastic long
enough to "weld", but I just do not think I would be any good at
it...I need to find a frosted dome with its own lid...rather than
taking the lid from another container. This will allow me to just
slice away and then it's ready.

I doubt glue would work on those plastics. Tupperware is various formsof polyethylene, or polythene, or PE (all the same). "Poly" doesn't like glue, or glue doesn't like (to stick) to poly. If you were to try it, a contact cement would be best. Tape might do ajob too, but it might affect the light.

Welding with a souldering iron is a brilliant idea. Poly tends to melt at 140c, and it softens a before that. The souldering iron would work a tret I suspect, as long as the plastic doesn't shrink when melted. some might depending on the manufacturing process.

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