D.I.Y. instructions$2 light sphere -ish thing

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Re: Don't suppose you can supply the brand name...

First of all thanks for the great tip Gordo! I couldn't find the tall container at Dollarama but No Frills had it, and yes it's still a dollar.

I'm using this on a Sigma 500DG Super set up as an optical slave and setting it off from the onboard flash. The cool thing is I found that the cut out piece off the lid of the tall container fits nicely in front of my camera built-in flash when it's flipped up and can be held in place with the help of a rubberband (I have a Canon 20D so ymmv). I then use the little flip up lid to regulate the amount of flash hitting the subject. The ideal setting lets through at least enough light to trigger the slave flash but not so much that you notice harsh shadows. Takes some trial and error but then again with this setup I'm setting up the slave flash power manually, the camera settings manually, and focussing manually too so a bit more setup time is not a problem for me! The end result is really good!
Once again thanks.

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