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Re: samples seem so inconclusive

Paul De Bra wrote:

Some of the ISO200 samples do not show a lot of noise, and here
even the noise in the blue (refected) sky isn't too bad.

I agree that you'll see some PQ variation in images at higher ISO. I haven't seen anything "unaceptable" though (

If only it was clear what the skill is one needs to get the less
noisy images and avoid the noisy ones... but maybe shooting RAW is
the way to start (which I'm doing with my DRebel anyway). Surely
the noise can be controlled better by a good RAW converter than by
the camera.

The ticket here is proper exposure. Shotting raw also gives you greatter latitude, especially since you can take advantage of the 12 bit output of the sensor for increased dynamic range.

Regarding your own dilemna, I 'd venture that you should use the Drebel's assets: take advantage of the interchangeable lenses to add more reach and keep the silky smooth photos.


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