What is about Panasonic and Noise?

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Re: What is about Panasonic and Noise?

Wick Smith wrote:

I agree with your premise, even after reading most of the posts on
this thread. But isn't the problem that Panasonic is wedded to its
own sensor for corporate and economic reasons, whereas some other
camera makers (Olympus, Nikon, Pentax) can choose a different
sensor for better image quality if they sense the commercial or
aesthetic need for it?

I made a point a week ago here:


that noise might not only come from sensor performance.

Also, the FZ5 did compare allright noise wise at ISO 400 to the KM Z5
and the Canon S2 IS. This shows that Panasonic can make sensors and
NR algorithms on par with other manufacturers.

An other idea struck me just now. Maybe Panasonic has chosen to cut
some corners in the noise algorithms in the 8 MP models to be able to
maintain a fair continuous shooting rate?

Just my two öre
Erik from Sweden
F Z 5, now with up to 16x zoom

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